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Hollie: I have complied a list of the opensource tools discussed on Confluence for the RS project. To help get an idea of what UI elemenst we will have as standard it would be good to know exactly which tool have been chosen to use
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- The google doc is open to everyone. It wouldn't copy into confluence in a tabled format... if anyone knows how to do this I'd really appreciate it HTML doesn't work and neither does trying to paste it into the page.
- Here is a PDF incase you want it [^OStools.pdf]

Vlado: We’ll discuss this list at the session scheduled for you and Maria (I’ll be at the beginning).
A direct mapping from components to tools is difficult, because:
- the tools listed in confluence don’t have uniform coverage across the components, in many cases need to be reorganized, etc.
- often a tool falls under several categories
- we may research 100 tools but at the end use 2
- a lot of the components are out of scope for RS3, so we won’t spend time on any tools in that direction
- some are not tools but ontologies or approaches (e.g. 3D COFORM is an approach/idea)

For now we use:
- Nuxeo for DMS,
- Exhibit for faceting, search results, timeline, geographical
- CRM for ontology

How to put the table in confluence:
- it's best to edit it as a confluence table, this way you can use internal conf links (eg [14 Thesaruri]) and they will be more robust
- if not: save from gdocs to excel, attach it here, and use \{excel} or \{viewxls} macro to show it

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