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h2. Background

There are several rulesets (RDFS and OWL dialects) that are supported by OWLIM:[]

More general info about OWL dialects:[]

h2. RS requirements and notes

- currently we want to support inverseOf properties
- a good balanced ruleset is "owl-horst" which supports inverse, transitive, etc. properties
- a more powerful ruleset is "owl-rl-optimized", in particular it offers property chaining
-- example of property chaining:
{code}# defining From Place through "a part was produced at"
rso:PS7_from_place owl:propertyChainAxiom (crm:P46_is_composed_of crm:P108i_was_produced_by crm:P7_took_place_at).{code}

h2. Repository creation notes:

- when a repository is created the ruleset needs to be specified (in Sesame Workbench or programatically)
-* Barry: note that if we use a custom ruleset for, e.g., rso:PS97_from_actor, we will lose the ability to simply specify the ruleset using the available ones in the Workbench
- however the repository can be exported and reimported with another ruleset
- there is no practical performance difference between both rulesets for small repositories

|T|M|F|1320789080140|1323138917486||Mitac: provide example of property chaining|