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h2. Nuxeo Dashboard Screen Shots


Here, I provide the required comments on the navigation plus screen shots from Nuxeo. I know that the screen shots do not look exactly as proposed from BVA, but probably at the beginning of the project, as Vlado said, it would be better to stick to what we have and expand it with new and missing functionality. Please, review the screen shots and discuss are they acceptable.

h3. Personal Dashboard

- The personal dashboard would be the same for all RS roles - Administrator, RS Project Admin and the Team Member
- In this dashboard the user will be able to see the list with all projects he participates in, the content (documents, pictures, object records, posts, etc.) he has created, his tasks, details about his profile, notifications, etc. The Administrator will see all existing projects.


h3. Project Dashboard

- BM requirements for "Project Team Member dashboard" are partially covered by the Personal Dashboard and by the Project Dashboard
- In this dashboard the user will be able to see latest activities on a project, recently modified project content (documents, pictures, object records, posts, etc.), Full project information (currently missing), project announcements (missing), etc.
- From here the user will access the project documents, pictures, records and perform different actions on them. This would be the real project working environment.
- This dashboard does not currently exists in Nuxeo, and the screenshot below is "fake". It is combination from currently existing dashlets and project structures. The dashboard functionality would be extended with data baskets, context dependent toolbar, etc.

!Navigation_Project Dashboard.png|border=1!

h3. Admin Dashboard

- Will be visible only from the Administrator ( and probably some functions from the Project Administrator)
- From here will be managed users and groups, set up project dashboars, etc.
- The Admin dashboard functionality will be extended with project tools, project registry, etc.