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h1. General prerequisites

* [Java 7 or later|]
* [Apache Cassandra 2.x.x|]
* [Apache Solr >= 4.7.0|]
* Credentials to our Nexus publishing repos

h1. Standard (and easy) setup

This guide is the bare minimum which needs to be done in order to setup a working system. Scalability and high availability are addressed separately.

# Install and run Cassandra as usual
# [Install Solr 4.7.0 or later|]
## In your {{solr.solr.home}} directory create a new directory named {{recommend}} and unpack the contents of [{{}}|] there.
## Add Java system property {{}} to a comma-separated list of hosts running Cassandra set-up in step 1. For example, if Cassandra is running on then add {{}} to the Java command starting Solr
## Start Solr
# Deploy [recommendations-web.war|] to application container of your choice, we usually use [Apache Tomcat|]. Some Java system properties need to be set on the container (in the case of Tomcat, they should go in {{bin/}} or {{bin/setenv.bat}} depending on your platform):
#* {{-Dcom.ontotext.recommend.solr=http://<solrhost>:<solrport>/<solrpath>/recommend}} where _solrhost_ and _solrport_ point to the box running Solr set up in step 2.; and _solrpath_ is the Solr web app name, usually just {{solr}}.
#* {{<cassandra-host>}}, same as in the Solr setup
#* (optional) {{<this-host>:<this-port>/<this-app>}} - if you'd like to see Swagger documentation, you need to set this to the host:port/webapp of the container running recommendations-web.war. This won't be needed for future versions of recommendations.