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h1. Mapping Documentation
[^mapping manual for endpoint site draft 0.98a.pdf]

*The Conceptual Reference Model Revealed*
Quality contextual data for research and engagement: A British Museum case study
Dominic Oldman, Joshan Mahmud, Vladimir Alexiev
Version: Draft: 0.98, July 2013 (Confidential & Private – Limited Distribution for Discussion)

Contents: 359p
- 169: Main body, including discussion, illustrations and mapping diagrams
- 7p: Association Codes (see details at [BM Association Mapping v2]
- 49p: Example Object Graph
- 134p: RDFer configuration files (i.e. mapping implementation)

h1. Overall Picture
[^mapping manual-diagram.pdf], [^mapping manual-diagram.png] (Page 9 of 359)
!mapping manual-diagram-small.png!

Much earlier variant: [^bmprint7.pdf], [^bmprint7.png]