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h1. Basics

# User starts with a single autocomplete field. They search across multiple thesauri.
# After they select a value, users select FR.
# They click the plus sign at end and empty field appears. They search again. If they choose value from same thesaurus, FR stays the same. Otherwise, they select FR for next section
# Values in each section are joined either with ORs or ANDs. (Same for all values)
# After FR is fixed for a section, only values from the appropriate thesauri could be entered there
# We need buttons: 
## to continue sentence (the pink plus button at end)
## to add/remove value to a section (the plus/minus buttons that appear when mouse pointer goes over a section)
## to remove a section (not shown)

h1. Screenshots

h2. 3 FRs

h2. Edit term

h2. Add new FR