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{excerpt}ResearchSpace tender for{excerpt}

h1. People
The British Museum, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3DG, metro Russel Square
- Dominic Oldman, BM deputy head IS, BM lead for IS Development
- Katherine Miller,, t 0207 323 8418, m 07976 737 658: PM (hired specifically for the project?)
- Steven Davies, procurement
- Martin Doerr, FORTH-ICS Centre for Cultural Informatics (GR): lead for CIDOC CRM
- Seme4: contracted for research/consulting. Did test export of BM data (Merlin) to CRM in RKBExplorer (3Store; Mentions 4Store). Subcontracted people from SotonU
- Hugh Glaser (SotonU): RKBExplorer creator, worked on the export,

h1. Budget
- Stage 3 grant (from Mellon, see [grant-proposals^Stage 3 (Working Prototype) Proposal.doc]: 442.6k EUR (650k USD)
- development: 200.6k to 290k EUR (180 to 260k GBP)
-- therefore 45 to 65% of the grant is allocated to development
-- The exact budget available for system development is yet to be determined

h1. Timing
- published 3.6.2011
- bidders conference 16.6 in London (Vlado)
- tender deadline 8.7.2011
- vendor demos 11-15.7. (!)Very close after submitting tender(!) Will ask what sort of demo
- decision 29.7
- negotiation 1.8
- contract 1.9
- period of execution:
-- the Stage3 grant is "12 months from January 2010".
-- they are over a year late. So the development would be what, 6-9m?

h1. Team
- Vlado: overall responsible, writing
- Mariana: writing, CRM, ontologies
- Kami: contractual
- PavelCh: arch research
- CTO team (?): prepare some sort of demo
- ITT (?): subcontractor. Will participate in writing proportionally to project share
- SS (?): not clear yet