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By Dominic
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h2. Annotation Switching

[Image Annotation Req Items (RS3)|ResearchSpace:Image Annotation Spec (RS3.3)] has two requirements regarding switching annotations on and off, and what annotations are visible at what zoom levels:
- Selecting an annotation at a particular level of zoom will cause the image to zoom to that level and the area to which the annotation resides.
- The user can view an annotation at different zoom levels.

Elaborating on these requirements, RS implements the following behavior:
*  Zoom in/out image to different zoom levels (mini, small, medium, random, large, maxi, etc.) is an option that zooms-in to magnify the image or zooms-out to minimize it. The number of annotations on each zoom level are displayed on the zoom slider. A random zoom level is selected by default.

     - The following options are available for zooming-in:
\# " + "  from the Zoom slider located at the bottom of an image
\# slide right, in order to maximize
\# press and hold the "Shift" button, while scrolling up with the mouse
     - The following options are available for zooming-out:
\# " - " from the Zoom slider located at the bottom of an image
\# slide left, in order to minimize
\# press and hold the "Shift" button, while scrolling down with the mouse

*  Switch on/off or current level Annotation of an image (all, only this level and none) is a “radio-button-type” action witch switches on/off or visualization all the created annotation areas of an image for the selected level

     - All - all the annotation areas, which have been created are displayed over the image and all annotation, including the ones created without drawing shapes, are listed in the Annotation pane
     - Only This Level - all available annotations are to be listed, restricted only to those on the current zoom level
     - None - all the annotation areas on the image and all annotation in Annotation pane are hidden

*  Full screen mode (including Zoom in/out image) - option to reviews image on full screen mode is located in the right corner, at the bottom of an image

The tree options work independently from each other, as well as combined. For example, the “Only This Level” can be chosen (i.e. selected through zoom in advance) and also have “Full screen mode”, where to zoom-in/out the size. The annotations, corresponding to the combination of the three options are to be shown on the image.