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26.VERSION.R1 RS3.4 It should be possible to see all the different versions of a data field and see who created it.
26.VERSION.R2 RS3.4 When new data is entered in a new field, the old and new values will be captured, together with info who and when made the change.
26.VERSION.R3 RS3.4 A tool will be developed to view and search for versions. The tool should provide functionality for:
26.VERSION.R3-1 RS3.4 -          Record/display change log including comments
26.VERSION.R3-2 RS3.4 -          Record/display data item status (tentative, accepted..)
26.VERSION.R3-3 RS3.4 -          Compare versions and display differences
26.VERSION.R3-4 RS3.4 -          Access the "latest version"
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