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15.REGISTRY.R1 RS3.4 The RS Registry is the administrative database for ResearchSpace and records information about the Projects.
15.REGISTRY.R2 RS3.4 The RS Registry allows those governing ResearchSpace to correctly administer projects and to allow others to know what projects are being carried out on ResearchSpace to encourage further collaboration between projects whether carried at on ResearchSpace or elsewhere.
15.REGISTRY.R3 RS3.4 Registry information will be available for public view.
15.REGISTRY.R4 RS3.4 The following information will be stored in the RS Registry
-          Project Name – Each Project should have a unique RS identifier*
-          Project URI – If the project has an Internet domain name
-          Description of the Project and Project approach
-          Lead Organisation(s) – There could be one or more lead organisations per project*
-          Partner Organisation(s) – There could be one or more partner organisations actively involved
-          Other organisation(s) – There could be other contributing organisations not actively involved in the project but contributing data or occasional input
-          (Address details for all organisations)
-          The Principal Investigator(s)*
-          Principal Investigator(s) Email Address(es)*
-          Principal Investigator(s) Telephone(s)*
-          Project Contract name
-          Contact Email Address
-          Contact Telephone
-          Business Address Details
-          The Funding Bodies(s) – could be financed by partner-institutions
-          One contact detail for each funding body
-          Indicate which organisations are proposing to upload data.
-          Estimate extent of multimedia assets
-          Overall storage estimate
-          Estimated Project Closure Date
15.REGISTRY.R5 RS3.4 The RS registry will be accessible from the User Dashboards .
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