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08.TOOLBAR.R1 RS3.3 In order to aid bringing the various components of the ResearchSpace environment together to form a cohesive user experience, a common ResearchSpace Toolbar will feature throughout all web-based collaborative and research tools.
08.TOOLBAR.R2 RS3.3 By default the toolbar will include all the basic ResearchSpace tools described in this document. As new tools are developed Project Administrators can decide whether to use them.
08.TOOLBAR.R3 RS3.3 The Toolbar shall be implemented by means of adding a JavaScript ‘include’ to each web-based tool, which shall in turn dynamically request, configure and inject the toolbar as appropriate into HTML pages.
08.TOOLBAR.R4 RS3.3 The scripts to generate the toolbar shall be centrally maintained at a predetermined location on the domain.
08.TOOLBAR.R5 RS3.3 The toolbar will be available within (interfaces with) all collaboration and research tools.
08.TOOLBAR.R6 RS3.3 The toolbar will be added to all collaboration editors allowing the user to launch available research tools, access project document and asset libraries and access their dashboards.
08.TOOLBAR.R7 RS3.3 The toolbar action buttons are context-dependent - specific to the entity or tool the user works with – like sending a personal message with current image thumbnail attached.
08.TOOLBAR.R8 RS3.3 Specific security restrictions could be applied to the toolbar, dependent on the user permissions
08.TOOLBAR.R9 RS3.3 The toolbar activates each tool for the currently selected object as a whole
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