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{excerpt}Some feedback on the YCBA mapping{excerpt}
based on a *cursory* examination of oai_tms.ycba.yale.edu_499.rdf sent by [] on 9 May 2012..
Many of teh fragments below are TTL, I've converted it to Turtle using []
- should use {{crm:P3_has_note}} vs {{rdfs:label}} more consistently
- misspelled
-- This causes an invalid URI {{<crm:E55_Type>}} (prefixed yet enclosed in angle brackets)
{code:xml}<rdf:Description rdf:about="">
<rdf:type rdf:resource="crm:E55_Type" />
{excerpt}YCBA data conversion from LIDO XML to CIDOC CRM RDF{excerpt}
- This causes a blank node that is not connected to anything (same for other legal bodies) {children:excerpt=true}
{code:xml}<crm:P1_is_identified_by rdf:resource="500303557" /> {code}
- re
-- skos:inScheme ycba_tgn:local : that's not a term value, so it should not be inScheme
-- a crm:E47_Spacial_Coordinates : misspelt
-- crm:P90_has_value "54.0000, -4.5000" : better express this in a structured way.
You may want to consider the paper [Integration of Coordinate Information in CIDOC CRM|]
- <> a crm:E54_Dimension
I can see the DisplayWrap {{crm:P3_has_note "78 1/4 x 48 1/8 inches (198.8 x 122.2 cm)"}}
but should also be represented in a structured way (with two dimension nodes: object/499/width and object/499/height)
- crm:P82a_end_of_the_end "1752" : misspelt, that's P82b.
-- Also, you better put a type {code}"1752"^^xsd:gYear{code}
- This is neither E55_Type nor E74_Group. It's a [E4_Period@crm] (see the Scope Note)
a crm:E55_Type , skos:Concept ; a crm:E74_Group ;
skos:inScheme aat:Culture ; skos:prefLabel "British"{code}
-- (!) See [BMX Issues#Theaurus Requirements] for more guidelines
- This is definitely not E55_Type
a crm:E55_Type , skos:Concept ; a crm:E4_Period ;
skos:inScheme ycba_aat:Period ; skos:prefLabel "18th century"{code}
-- I think this is better mapped to E52_Time-Span since it's not a cultural period and has only a time aspect
-- Consider using the excellent work on [Handling Time Periods in STAR|] to assign actual dates to such time-spans, using the label