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h1. BVA Mockup Feedback
h2. Nuxeo Dashboard Screen Shots

h2. Feedback from Vlado (email from 26.10.2011)

Hi Hollie\! Here's some general feedback:
- they are useful to start figuring out the navigation from the top down
- if Nuxeo has a different way of doing menus/dashboards, we'd like to stick with that unless it cannot provide the required functioanlity
- for the current 2 iterations, we can make more use of a UI mockup for displaying data [RS-38@jira]
- re 3 Search: please get the 3D COFORM Semantic Search mockups from Dominic and improve on these
- re 3 Search results: we'll be using Exhibit. Please check out the Exhibit demos (is there a Lightbox amongst them?)

Maria (our BA) will provide some more specific feedback, incl. Nuxeo shots.
Maria, please put your feedback and the one above into confluence

h2. Nuxeo Screen Shots