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# Image overlay. IIPImage has built-in overlay and blending functionality supporting deep zoom though it seems to work for same-size images. It also has synchronized viewers for comparing pictures side by side. Seadragon Ajax does not have that but using overlays one could put a smaller image somewhere and scale it (not deep zoom though) over a large picture. If we need enhanced layers functionality - like putting elements/annotations in different layers, making layers visible/invisible etc. - we need to look into SVG.
# Rotation. IIPMooviewer has image rotation. It is client side - this means that it get the tiles that currently are showing and rotates just them. On zoom in/zoom out rotation transformation is removed. It is implemented by using CSS. It does not support rotation for individual annotation shapes. Seadragon Ajax does not seem to have this feature. Overlayed elements could be rotated programatically via CSS as well.
# Flash and Java IIP Image viewers. I have not looked into details into these. They get their points mostly due to fact that these are technologies that allow for rich GUI and image manipulation. Java has a decent 2D API that allows for pretty much anything. Both viewers are a bit old and they don't support annotations. We have good experience with Java and have almost no experience with Flash.