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h1. Dominics annotations of the UI

·         More filtering should be available (Author, Project Team (registry), Annotation type, Field, Date, All)

·         There should be specific text search for the annotations  

·         I assume that if to click on an annotation that the related field in the record will come into focus.

·         If there is too much text then will there be an expanded view.

·         The annotation type controls will need to be in the annotation control (how will linked annotations be dealt with (ie. You might need to search for a link if you don’t have it in your basket already.)

·         Need for a field search (as well as section navigation)\\

On the link annotation the options might be that the researcher has a record ID and can specific that, or the ID and the field name so that the link be to a specific field. If these are not to hand then an additional search may be required.\\

On all links then there needs to be a place to put what Ontotext calls the disposition status. This should be proposed by default. !Screen shot 2012-01-16 at 17.00.02.png|border=1!