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All request URLs in the document are relative to the application root. E.g. if the web application is deployed at and this document says to request /recommend/contextual, the full URL would be

To receive content-based recommendations for existing article do a request:

which will return the following (example) response


/recommend/contextual has the following query parameters:

  • contentid (required) - existing article identifier
  • count (optional, default = 10) - maximum number of articles to return
  • sort (optional, default = rel) - sorting method, valid arguments are "pop"(popularity), "rel"(relevancy) and "date"
  • recency (optional, default = <empty>) - limit the age of articles returned by the recommendation. Supported values for recency are "amonthago", "aweekago", and integers representing the maximum number of days to go back. For example recency=5 will only return articles newer than five days ago. If omitted, no age filter is applied
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