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02.UINAV.R1 RS3.1 ResearchSpace should provide a consistent and focused mechanism from moving between the main ResearchSpace elements, Research Tools, Collaboration Tools and data stores
02.UINAV.R2 RS3.1 The UI should take in account security/access rights when deciding which navigation components to show and in what state (enabled/disabled)
02.UINAV.R3 RS3.1 The navigation system should be well-structured, predictable and user-friendly
02.UINAV.R3-1 RS3.1 -          It should work uniformly across pages, collaboration and research tools
02.UINAV.R3-3 RS3.1 -          It should allow for easy access between almost all types of object viewers, tools, static pages etc. and still be simple and intuitive to use
02.UINAV.R3-3 RS3.1 -          It should keep track of previous screens and contexts – when needed. This is important when calling a tool from another tool and also when keeping a list of recent pages for a user (for quick navigation)
02.UINAV.R4 RS3.1 Main elements of the navigation system are :
02.UINAV.R4-1 RS3.1 -          Global (context-free) menus and toolbars, e.g. Sign Out, Help, Forums. They will be implemented through built-in mechanisms of the selected DMS/DAM.
02.UINAV.R4-2 RS3.1 -          Context menus --per user role. It will be implemented through built-in techniques of the selected DMS/DAM, with additional effort to make them more dynamic and context-dependent
02.UINAV.R5 RS3.1 The navigation system should provide intuitive links between the administrative components of ResearchSpace (from the Dashboard) and the data in context.
02.UINAV.R6 RS3.1 The navigation system should provide connections between the different key components. The collaboration environment should provide access to the research tools from the data posting screens and the navigation must lead the user back to the same point in the collaboration tool.
02.UINAV.R6-1 RS3.1 -          No track of history will be kept, but the user  will use the standard browser’s Back button
02.UINAV.R6-2 RS3.2 -          A call stack for 2 of the tools and going only 2 levels deep as a proof of concept will be implemented. Implementation would be facilitated if new tools’ design complies with certain guidelines and follows a common interface.
02.UINAV.R7 RS3.1 Users should be able to easily switch between related tools. For example if annotating images it should be easy to switch to data annotation to the record(s) to which that annotation refers.
Integration of external tools and applications
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