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Emails between Dominic and Hollie:12th jan 2012

Dear Hollie,

Yes the annotation process should be juxtaposed with the record. You should be able to make and see the annotations next to the fields that you are annotating.

 There are complexities in that you may not be annotating the original version but a subsequent version put in by another researcher. The use case is something like this;

 You find your record and go to the detail result. On the screen, by default you will find the record in its original state. The record should indicate that there have been annotations and a panel on the side should provide a view of all the annotations that have been made on the object record with some filtering and sorting tools. You probably need some easier way of expanding versions of the record result itself. So a field may have a expandable widget that shows another version which click. When you actually highlight the annotation we need to provide more focus to it and a chance to add your own annotation in the annotation pane.

 Therefore. I get my result. I notice indicators on the fields and record that others have made annotations. When I expand the annotation panel I can see a stream of annotations that are filterable and sorted. If I choose an annotation from the annotation pane the interface automatically provides focus to the right place in the record on the record results pane. I can then expand the field that I am interested in and see (perhaps abbreviated) versions or annotations against the field. Some mouse over information would be good. If I select a particular version or annotation then the annotation pane is focussed with tools to allow me to create annotations and versions against the field of interest. The principle also need to apply to annotations against the record as a whole.

 What we should avoid is having to go to another screen and divorcing the representation of the record from the annotation process.

 The record will need (I think) to be represented as a tree with expandable branches for the versions of annotation. Searching will be required on the annotations. The record itself may be large so the record itself will probably be in expandable sections with appropriate navigation

 Please tell me if this makes sense.

 Austin, please tell me if you disagree or have an alternative view on this?

 The trick is to be able to switch nicely from an overall view to a focussed view.




Hi Dominic,

Maria had mentioned a few of these points to me, I've worked on a wireframe and some drawings of these. I'm currently looking at 'look and feel' so have had to leave functionality for the moment. Let's review in detail when I send over the designs as I may update in the design based on your and Austin's email. 

Thanks for the offer of coming over your email add alot of detail to the points Maria had mentioned, I may come back with some more Q's tomorrow. Do you have skype? mine is hlubbock. Thats probably the easiest way as I can fire over Q's as and when they arise.

I've attached these to the email as they are very rough, so not ready for confluence I shared with Maria yesterday to see her views I'm waiting to hear back ATM.

I hope I've managed to capture most of the points you've raised, as I agree that separating the annotation from the data that is annotation is not ideal. I have come up with a few interface ideas which could possibly solve this, see the drawings.

 I have added the Right hand modules with links to the most recent additions is all the sections also the other interface idea which expands sections on the page to show where there are AP's. These could be used in conjunction or separately.

 the versions panel is kept purely to show all AP's in one place.

I've also added a quick nav so you can skip right down the record easily.

Add to data basket it missing ATM I will add in later.

I have grouped the Suzanna painting info into:

Basic data
Exhibition data
Analysis data
Provenance data
Literary references

This is the last jpg just so you can see which section is which...



Thanks for this.

 In the discussions we had before Christmas with Ontotext (which I thought that they would have discussed with you) was a way in which the annotation part of the screen could operate as both a way of adding annotations and as viewing as if the annotations were part of a discussion about the object , like a mini discussion forum. The other functionality was that if something at the object level was of interest that it could be promoted to a full discussion objective on the discussion forum itself (with appropriate authority).

 What I would say is a record could be quite large and therefore navigating up and down a record (perhaps section by section and according to the where existing annotations are present will also be a challenge. Consider the use case where a researcher wants to see the annotations made by other team members. By having them in a discussion type container with sorting and filtering available(and allowing this to focus on the fields that the annotations themselves targeted) is one way. The other might require some filters on the record itself which might also use annotation style filters --such that only the parts of the record that the researchers is interested in appear.


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