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Simile Timeline is a widely used timeline gadget.

  • Is it included in Exhibit Timeline view, and does that have all features?

Advanced examples and features
TODO: rather than a copy of the list, add shots of the most interesting examples

  • The Life of Monet: a simple timeline showing the life of Monet.
  • JFK Assassination timeline in Dutch: demonstration of localization.
  • Jewish History: 2000 years in length.
  • Christianity Timeline: from Anno Domini to 2006, 570 events altogether.
  • Religion Timelines: recommended to be viewed on a huge monitor, mashing the Jewish history with the Christianity timeline together to be seen side-by-side.
  • Cubism: demonstrating the use of JSON, thanks to Juan Manuel Caicedo.
  • Test Examples: demonstrates and tests various event attributes.
  • Test Examples 2: demonstrates automatic Timeline sizing to the event collection.
  • Compact Painter: demonstrates the new compact painter.

Intervals, Images

Here is an example showing time intervals and images
From presentation Freebase - how to build a base slide 32:

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