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Mariana: Rembrandt data have descriptions of related objects to the main museum object. The related objects are also Man-Made-Objects with additional properties describing their relation with the main object.

Vlado: <artistiek_verband> is translated by RKD as "type of artistic relation" but that actually means "artistic context". The value is "getekend door" which means "drawn by"
So is it relation or context? And what type of relation? "Drawn by" does not describe the relation between the reproduction and the original; only that the reproduction was drawn by Poorter

Mariana: CRM does not have a notion of related object. Open question:

  • need to extend CRM properties to cover the description of related objects
  • need to introduce a property linking objects as related

Vlado: I've searched for properties with equal domain and range. The best candidate is:

It is a perfect match to the situation:

  • Reproduction by de Poorter: P130 shows features of. Susanna by Rembrandt

After RKD clarifies what does <artistiek_verband> actually mean, we can figure out if it's a good match in general.

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