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Raphael Research Resource

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A project of the National Gallery, London - The study of paintings by Raphael has produced an exceptional collection of material over the 500 years since their creation in the sixteenth century, covering their history and provenance as well as the materials and techniques used in their making.

If MFPMFP can serve as an etalon to unstructured research discourse, Raphael can serve as an etalon to structured research data.
In Rembrandt we have such set of data (research, sampling, documenation, files) but here the data is a lot more expansive.

Documentation Categories

Click on Objects, select a painting, click on Explore Documentation:

  • Historical Information
    • Art History
    • Provenance
    • Archive
    • Related Works
      • Copies
      • Prints
    • Conservation
    • Conservation Dossiers
    • Conservation Archive
  • Framing
    • Images of Frames
    • Frame Archive
  • Materials & Techniques
    • Support and Preparatory Layers
    • Underdrawing Materials
    • Paint Binding Medium
    • Pigments and Layer Structure
    • Study Images
  • Microscopy
    • Cross Sections
  • Infrared Examination
    • Infrared Photography
    • Infrared Reflectography
  • X-Ray Examination
    • X-Ray Images
  • Visible Light Examination
    • Visible Light Images
    • Further Details
    • Photomicrographs
  • Other Images
  • General Bibliography
  • Exhibition and Loan History




Infrared Reflectography

General Bibliography

Exhibition and Loan History



Lightbox of all paintings

  • A lightbox composed of IIP images, so you can deep-zoom.
    This technique is used in many other places, eg to show a gallery of all images related to an article
    • Don't know if its native to IIP, or developed within the project
  • All related research documents are imported as scanned pictures and are processes with iip like paintings, which I think is not a good solution.

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