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Terms and Abbreviations table

N Term Abbreviation Description
1 Research Space RS The name of the project
2 British Museum BM  
3 Museum Object MO Any BM object. Also called data object
4 RForm   RForms#RForms
5 Data field   Any information displayed in the RForm
6 Annotation Point AP Same as Data Field
7 AP without-object   AP that is a label (has no object)
8 AP with-object   There are three types of APs with object:
  • Thesauri AP
  • Literal AP
  • compound-object AP - more complex construction
9 Fundamental Relation FR FR Implementation#Fundamenta Relations
10 Search Sentence   Seacrh construction containing FRs, search criteria, and logical operators
11 Full text Search FTS  


UI and Navigation terms

Semantic Search terms

Data Annotation terms

Forum terms

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