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- Installed it without major problems; Embedded it in the Forums tab

- New post screen supports HTML but BB codes seems to be the native way

- Security and SSO:

- Lots of results from Google for different JForum aspects; large community

jForum Data Model

The jForum Data Model is quite complex. It has 37 tables, 40 relations, about 400 fields:


jForum - Instructions for embedding and configuting on development server


- Installed Apache Ant
- Stable version of the source code of jForum - or access to the jforum source used for RS.


Source should be extracted. Main jForum directory contains build.xml file which is used to deploy the application on the server.
The property tomcat.home should be edited to point the Nuxeo tomcat server. The property warfile could be edited to name the deployed application file (current implementation is set to jforum and nuxeo works with jforum as name of the jforum application). Property deploy.dir points the directory where the war file will be situated on Nuxeo tomcat server.

Directories src and tools contain all Java code that is used in jForum. They could be refactored/edited before deploying the application if necessary. Directory templates contains all html files used in jForum. Some of them contain FreeMarker tags (this is template language that generates dynamic resources - html pages etc.).

After these resources are edited (if needed), we should navigate to the main jForum directory from the console and 'ant deploy' should be called. This Ant target deploys the war file to the server. 'dist' target is called before that because 'deploy' target depends on the 'dist'. Dist target that creates the war file and it depends on 'compile' taget. That's why compile target is called first and it compiles all java resources. After finishing the ant script, we could run the server and then do the initial installation steps from

The config file jforum\WEB-INF\config\ conatins property that should be set to the host where nuxeo will be ran.

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