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Mariana: E34_Inscription does not appear as range of any of CRM properties. The same is true for its upper class: E33_Linguistic_Object.
New properties are being introduced to cover this lack.

Vlado: can you describe what situation are you modeling? I think there are enough properties:

  • E22 Man-Made Object. P102 has title (is title of): E35 Title
    and E35 is a Linguistic Object
  • E24 Physical Man-Made Thing. P65 shows visual item (is shown by): E36 Visual Item
    and E36 is another parent of E34 Inscription@crm. This is used in mark_inscription@crmg:

Mariana: P128_carries linking Physical Object and Information Object will be used instead of the proposed new property.
Vlado: for Inscription should be "P65 shows visual item" since it's more specific than P128

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