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GMaps Libraries
Excellent colleciton of GMaps development libraries

Marker Clustering

Marker clustering is a neat technique that groups close markers together, replacing them with a bigger circle with count.

This example is from the YCBA collection and uses GMaps, VUFind and MarkerClusterer

The libraries described below create and manage per-zoom-level clusters for large amounts of markers:


This library allows you to put overlays (images, text or HTML content) on top of a panorama in Street View. They can follow a location (given by lat/lng), and can be connected to a map (so that when you move around the street, the map below it is updated to show the new location).

Examples, eg Map Connect:

Europeana 4D

Advanced time and geo-mapping visualisation by U Leipzig. Animates map points in syncrhonization with timeline selection, allows multiple data sets, shows closest-in-time links, ...
See features and movies. Quite demanding on JS performance.
Eg see this map-time-shot of Volcanos and Tsunamis in Europe I made

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