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Third party forum evaluation
Java Forums: (I have skipped most as they don't exist anymore or latest news on their sites were before 2010)

Forum Easy to integrate in our tech environment (Java, Tomcat, Postresql, REST) Show/edit HTML, preferably with TinyMCE Easy to integrate security Easy to style and integrate GUI into ours Notes
JForum (+) in Java 
uses Freemarker 
(+) MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle and HSQLDB
HTML and BBCode support Has documentation and examples, still not ready out-of-the-box Easy to change colours/fonts; uses CSS  
Yazd (+) Postgres
(+) Java and JSP
HTML (FCKeditor)   (-) Old fashioned HTML, almost no CSS used Last release; lacking documentation
mvnForum (+) Postgresql (-) No HTML support
(-) No Formatting toolbar or WYSIWYG editor available
    Free for only limited number if users, threads
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