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Current state

  • Redesigned on Nov 14-15: Entity, EntityAPI, SearchAPI made interfaces; added support for "shortcut" fields for Search
  • Main classes: Backend Factory, EntityAPI, Entity, SearchAPI
  • EntityAPI provides basic entity operations: add, edit, delete, load (by URI)
  • SearchAPI provides search capabilities (only FullTextSearch for now)
  • There is an example: in the examples package
  • Note. The other example was subsumed by RForms and was deleted

Building it

  • svn access:
  • needs maven to be built; also uses parent pom in ../pom.xml
  • needs access to Ontotext/BigOwlim and Aduna repositories, contact Mitac if there are problems building it
  • currently the search returns the single MuseumObject in the database, w/o checking the search string
  • to run it, you need to unzip the repository in resources folder (resources/ Then use bin/example-search:
    Repository installation

SearchAPI example

Note. The above example needs the folder RSConstants.REPOSITORY (currently "resources/repositories/susana" to be copied under the current directory")


Create a light-weight integration API on top of OWLIM/Sesame API that talks in terms of Entities, attributes and relations instead of RDF statements. If possible create a simplified domain ontology that maps to CRM and allow the UI to talk in terms of this ontology, while transparently converting to CRM at the back end.

Basic level

The API should define the following:

  • data model: Entities, attributes, relations
  • basic operations: insert, update, delete
  • Entity lookup (could be moved to the SearchAPI)

Transformation level

Additionally the API should define:

  • domain ontology (DO)
  • mapping between DO and CRM
  • transformation between simplified schema (DO) and CRM, e.g. Painting("Susana") - createdBy - Person("Rembrandt") should be expanded to create a creation Event, AttributeAssignment and (TBD)Version

Search level

  • a SearchAPI that uses EntityAPI data model
  • structured search
  • TBD. Combined FTS+SemanticSearch based on the analysis of the user query

Discussions, Design, Impl. notes

Similar Entity APIs in other Ontotext project (KIM, World KB, ANAM)

  • data model based on Sesame data model or + strings
  • entity creation only
  • use of Aliases (separate Alias object, w/ source, language and other attributes). Each Entity has one or more Aliases, one of each is the main alias (hasAlias; hasMainAlias)
  • autocommit mode (the created entities are saved instantly)
  • no search APIs

In RS we need more:

  • update/delete for both Entities and its attributes/relations
  • searches
  • transformations
  • maybe separate commit

Data model

class Entity

  • Class, ID, Label (e.g. Painting, rs:Painting_01234, "Suzana")
  • maybe: attrs, rels
  • new Entity(Class, URI, Label) - creates an Entity in the KB
  • addAttr(URI name, Object val)
  • addRel(URI name, URI val)

Class EntityAPI

  • new EntityAPI(userData: URI, UserOptions (such as language), AccessRights)
  • //createEntity(Entity)
  • ?getEntity(URI)
  • ?loadEntity(URI)
  • deleteEntity(URI)
  • autoinc(className)

mapping complex attributes (transformation)

  • E - createdBy - User
  • model E - ?hasEvent - Creation(Event) - author - Person
  • forward request: ea.getEntity(URI).addRel("createdBy", personURI)
  • impl: E.addRel("createdBy", personURI)
    • Entity creation = new Entity("Creation", "Creation_" * autoinc("Creation"), null)
    • creation.addRel("author", personURI)
    • E.addRel("hasEvent", creation)
  • backward request: ea.loadEntity(URI)
  • impl: E.loadRel("createdBy")
    • URI creationURI = E.getRelURI("hasEvent", "Creation")
    • Entity creation = ea.loadEntity(creationURI)
    • URI userURI = creation.getRelURI("author", "User")
    • return ea.loadEntity(userURI)
  • update request:
  • impl: E.updateRel("createdBy", userURI)
    • URI creationURI = E.getRelURI("hasEvent", "Creation")
    • ea.deleteEntity(creationURI) // Or could use versions
    • Entity creation = new Entity("Creation", "Creation_" * autoinc("Creation"), null)
    • creation.addRel("author", userURI)
    • E.addRel("hasEvent", creation)
  • delete request:
  • impl: ea.deleteEntity(E)
    • URI creationURI = E.getRelURI("hasEvent", "Creation")
    • ea.deleteEntity(creationURI)
    • ea.deleteEntity(E)
  • search processing (structured, full-text):

Open questions

  • whether the "save" should happen in EA or Entity (directly)
  • metamodel


  • when the UI says "User X said that Person_Rembrandt created Painting_Susana"
  • message: "createdBy", "Painting", "Person"
  • the backend should do 3 things
    1. model of createdBy to be expanded
    2. AttributeAssignment for the current user
    3. new Version of createdBy
  • tie it up as
    AttributeAssignment = Version (user, ?number, datetime)

Attribute as an Object


Document - title - string
Document - hasAttribute - Attribute(class) - rdf:type A (name=title, value=string)


  • easier to make relations (e.g. attach a comment to an instance),
    Versions, etc.

Domain Ontology

  • Document
  • content
  • Annotation
  • Comment
  • Version
  • author
  • createdOn
  • createdBy
  • Person
  • User
  • ?Artist
  • ?Painting (or parent class, ArtObject)
  • Image
  • partOf
  • ?Attribute
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